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Tony Lapratt

2024 Land Managment

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2024 Boot Camps

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2024 Class Schedule

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Whitetail Bootcamp

The Tony Lapratt Ultimate Whitetail BootCamp will give you the knowledge and understand to better control Deer habits and behavior on your property. This Bootcamp is 2 full days jam packed with information that will take your hunting to the next level.   

Ultimate Land Managment

This is a rare opportunity to have a personalized plan for your hunting land by Tony LaPratt. who is a legendary Trophy Deer Management Specialists & Master Deer Hunter  He is also the founder of Whitetail Boot Camp and Amazing Whitetail Habitat Research Center.  Every hunter needs to see this for themselves!


Companies we support

We take great pride in what we do and are very careful in choosing products that we use and support. We put these products though many test to see how they perform and live up to our expectations. Take a look at some of the companies we truly believe in. 

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We have done over 600 land management properties in 24 states which include (Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, West Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Kentucky, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Maine, Missouri, Arkansas, New Jersey, and Texas)  We have done more than 150,000 acres to date with the properties ranging from 5 to 6000 acres.  Several hundred of those properties were 80 acres or less.  My average for all land management properties is 175 acres.  Of course there are a few extremely large properties that you can’t put in because its not a true prospective of what I’m really doing.  For example, one of the big hunting properties that was over 6000 acres.  I’m also one of the busiest land managers out there, and I basically don’t even advertise.  Word of mouth is where my business comes from.  My clients are so extremely satisfied that they tell friends and other hunters about me and my services.  To me this is a powerful statement and I take great pride in it.

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